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Surgical Products and InstrumentsAdler Instruments is a leading source of surgical instruments, equipment, devices and implants for Gynecology, General Surgery, Urology, Orthopedic,  and Laparoscopy.

In addition to our own extensive R&D efforts, we partner with some of the most well known and innovative manufacturers to ensure that we can offer a full line that includes both commonly used surgical implements and sought-after new products and technologies.

And thanks to our extensive experience and the wide network of consultants and associates we’ve built up over more than 40 years, we’re also able to locate rare and hard-to-find instruments that may not be easily available through other sources.

Learn more about the manufacturers we work with below or contact a surgical products consultant near you.

Adler surgical instruments

ATC Technologies surgical instruments

Marina Medical surgical instrumentsMediflex surgical instrumentsMiromatrix surgical products  Neomedic surgical instruments Surgical Innovations surgical instrumentsSuture EaseXodus Medical surgical products